I’m out of Tumblr retirement because someone told me to put this on here, so.. hi.

I’m out of Tumblr retirement because someone told me to put this on here, so.. hi.

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The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

To some, this is heaven. This is a weekly/monthly ritual. The stories of their heroes. A solitary haven. A break from normality. Imagination running wild. A shared passion. A reason to smile. To live. To hope.

To others, a reason to mock. A waste of time and money. Something to laugh at. To look down on. To judge. After all, only geeks and nerds would spend their time looking at these, right?

Look familiar? Yes, it’s Batman. That same character millions of people around the world currently adore. That same character that has been the subject of hype and anticipation by movie goers from all different countries. This is from 1939 from a comic book. Yes - Batman is a comic book character. He wasn’t written for movies, or for television. He’s a primary character in a medium which so many of you claim to despise. Yet when he’s transferred to the big screen, he’s suddenly ‘cool’ is he?

The Avengers had their debut in 1963 - nearly 50 years before their big screen debut. The lineup may have differed, and the presentation of the characters slightly changed, but the ideas and message were the same.

Is it not strange that it’s taken decades for some people to realise the brilliance of these stories and characters when so many of ‘us’ have loved them for years now?

They say the geek shall inherit the Earth. Maybe we already did, and everyone else is just playing catchup. No matter how many movie tickets you sell, it doesn’t change the birthplace of the characters you all think are awesome now. Guess what? They’ve been loved and adored for so many years, you’ll NEVER catch up..

… and you don’t deserve to ;)

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This sums up this week quite perfectly I feel.

This sums up this week quite perfectly I feel.

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Wilfred Mott Appreciation Day

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Wilf is THE best companion in the history of Doctor Who and if anyone says differently then YOU ARE WRONG.


Wilfred Mott Appreciation Day!


 - 30 days of Doctor Who - Day 5 - Favourite Guest star (Bernard Cribbins) - 

“So don’t you dare sir. Don’t you dare put him before them. Now you take this, that’s an order, Doctor. You take the gun, you take the gun and save your life! And… please don’t die - you’re the most wonderful man on earth and I don’t want you to die…”

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If I thought first before posting, I’d never post.